Lovesick Memoirs
"I realized once I started being a bit more individual and more weird, that's when I started to fit in,"

My name is Victoria but you can call me Torrie, I'm 20 years young and I love Interracial relationship.

I love all guys (but I prefer white boys ^_^)

Please don't send hate. It's my own opinion.

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Tumblr has found the best way to do utilize the 3D effect

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Hey but i aint complaining…
  • Augustus: so your name is four
  • Tobias: yeah
  • Augustus: you could say it's a metafour
  • Tobias: will you stop

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John: Do you trust me? (extends his hand)

Astrid : Yes (takes his hand)

John: I know your scared Astrid. I’m scared to.




Soulless Sam was my favorite.

Empathy Sam, empathy!

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